Monday, May 28, 2012


The magnificent group, The Nairobi Incident, releases another wonderful collection of World Fusion songs on their excellent CD, "Tomorrow." As you listen to this CD you will hear a colorful Reggae tonality blended with Fusion giving this album an amazing tone. The syncopated beats cascade around the captivating vocals creating a fun and relaxing vibe. The title track, "Tomorrow," impresses with its lively rhythm, charming vocals, and richly textured instrumentation. Another song, "Freetown," has a catchy melody and is genuine about its roots and sound. "Maria," is a song that is vibrant and lively and offers a crisp horn section. Fans of Bob Marley and Jack Johnson will thoroughly enjoy the well crafted songs on the terrific album, "Tomorrow."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Invazion" by Fourth Dimension (Reggae Artist from Florida(FL))

Fourth Dimension's latest album, "Invazion" is a compilation of vibrant and upbeat Reggae music that has a very modern and refreshing sound. "Dis Ya Music" is an upbeat number with an undulating rhythm, brass highlights, great harmonies, and lyrics that celebrates music itself. "When The Pressure Drop" is a song with more of a contemplative beat over which the vocals charms the listener with uplifting lyrics. "Frequency" is more of a funky Caribbean song with an active beat that entices one to get up and dance along. Overall, this is a highly animated and spirited Reggae album that takes on many social issues while at the same time brings forth a positive celebration of life. Fans of artists such as Bob Marley or Steel Pulse will really enjoy the well crafted tunes of "Invazion" by Fourth Dimension.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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"Nocturne" by Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon (World Artist from San Francisco, California(CA))

"Nocturne" is the latest album from the duo Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon. This is a wonderfully unique album, in which we hear solely the piano and violin combine into a superb collection of music that is part Celtic, part classical, and part Jazz. In "First Rain of the New Year" we hear both instruments delight the listener in their own way, the violin heartfelt while the piano softly accompanies with a sweet and somber tone. "The Stream is High" is an energetic number in which the violin calls out thrillingly as the piano frolics delightfully alongside. "The Astronomer" is a number that really shows how these musicians can fuse traditional Celtic music with a more contemporary jazz sound. All in all, this entire album is a true celebration of the fantastic potential inherent within the simple pairing of a violin and piano in the right musicians' hands. Fans of Celtic music, as well as those of avant-garde Jazz music, would do themselves a favor by listening to Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon's album, "Nocturne."

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Real Love" by SamO & JFC (Reggae Artist from Virginia(VA))

SamO & JFC's new CD, "Real Love," is a fun-loving and energetic collection of contemporary Caribbean music incorporating reggae, soca and calypso rhythms and influences. Title track "Real Love" is a celebration of true love put to an energetic reggae beat with terrific brass highlights. "Obama Victory Song" employs a reggae rhythm to express admiration for the 1st African-American president. "Heel and Toe" is more of a modern Caribbean dance song, and includes instruction for the 'heel and toe' dance. With roots and dance-hall and other reggae styles all blending in a celebration of island music, SamO & JFC's "Real Love" CD is a wonderful 12-song mix for dancing or just soaking up the sun-drenched sounds of the Caribbean.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Bossa Nova Day" by Minas (World Artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(PA))

The artistic duo Minas and their wonderful album, "Bossa Nova Day," offers a beautiful mix of Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, Jazz, Blues, and Folk music with easy listening style. This collection of well crafted songs is not only sweet and delicate but sheer entertaining as this duo gives life to the soothing melodies with their vocals, piano, and guitar. The title track, "Bossa Nova Day," is vibrant and lively with vocals that blend with dynamic style. The easy flowing rhythm of "Hour Glass" mingles gracefully around the alluring vocals as this tune will seep into your spirits. The lovely Jazz piece, "All In Vain," is stunning as the emotive vocals cascade around the accompanying piano and guitar. Sit back and relax to the ambient compositions of "Bossa Nova Day," as you will find these charming arrangements not only tranquil but extremely enjoyable.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"The Certaintity of Being Found" by Ian C. Bouras (Reggae Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

The smooth sounds on Ian C. Bouras' album, "The Certaintity of Being Found," are a fantastical trip of unique musical talent. This album almost surprises the listener with the range of genres that are under the artist's label of "ambient." From Reggae to flamenco guitar to a little dub step, this album packs a the most melodious way possible. "Thoughts On Angles and Sarcasm (Interlude)" is a track that breathes. That is to say, it has a slight pause every couple of seconds after each of which a fuller tone of the song comes out. Utilizing an acoustic guitar that is confident and solid, this track really speaks to the talent of the artist. "The Bounce," as its name may suggest, is a groovy, danceable tune, and has slow moving tempo interludes; adding to the easy listening vibe that comes with each of these tracks. All around, "The Certaintity of Being Found" is great for fans that enjoy fresh and original ambient Reggae music.

-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team
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"La Terre des Hommes" by Daah Sossa Band (World Artist from Quebec, Canada)

Daah Sossa Band's latest album is "La Terre des Hommes" and is a collection of songs, both in French and English that are inspired by Reggae, Caribbean, and African music. "Give Dem a Chance" is a complex Reggae song with a wide range of instruments combining for an energetic song with a lot of movement. "À Venir" is a song with an African influence that merges strong and steady beats of the percussion with the incorporation of female/male chants and is a wonderful example of combining musical influences. "Dark Side of Men" is a more traditional Reggae song that employs a great bouncy beat with rootsy vocals throughout the song. "La Terre des Hommes" is a great album for those who could appreciate the fusion of international music. Fans of Reggae, Caribbean, or African music will thoroughly enjoy this album from the talented artists of Daah Sossa Band.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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